At the end of each school year, or before the start of the new school year, the teacher will need to reset each Moodle course.

Don't be afraid of resetting!

There is physically not a way that you, the editing teacher, can mass-delete your Moodle teaching contents. Instead, resetting your Moodle course delete's user-activity on the course, not the actual resources themselves.

For example, it will:

  • unenroll your students-- not delete your course

  • delete student quiz grades -- not delete the quiz itself

  • delete student assignment submissions -- not delete the assignment turn in box itself

  • delete student contributions to forms -- not delete the forum itself

At the end of the reset, you will have your entire course contents in tack and ready for this year's students to participate and contribute.

Did you attempt to reset your course according to the instructions above, yet still see all students enrolled?