Create and Share Moodle Quizzes


View the resources on this Moodle Categories and Question Bank site page BEFORE following the steps on this page since Moodle quizzes are dependent upon the Question Bank.

Looking for a step-by-step guide in how to set up each of the the types of Moodle Questions as shown above? This awesome site will allow you to click on the type of question you want to create, and then will provide screenshots of each step.

The embedded document below contains a Table of Contents to aide in searching for the desired instructions within the document. It is a Google Doc so you can save the file to your Google Drive. It is recommended that you view this document in its digital version rather than printing it since many online resources and videos are linked within (which cannot be accessed once printed) and it is a document that is constantly updated, added to, and improved.

Moodle Quiz FAQs