Embed an HTML Widget

Embed a Twitter Feed

Embed a Remind Widget

On Remind:

  1. Sign into Remind.

  2. Click the drop-down next to your name in the top left corner > select "Account"

  3. Select "Widgets" on left column

  4. Choose your class (if you own more than one) and then copy the provide Widget Code (HTML text)

On Moodle:

  1. On your Moodle course on the right side where the blocks appear, find the "Add a Block" drop-down.

  2. Select HTML

  3. Click on the Settings Wheel for that new HTML block > select Configure

  4. Rename block title to "Remind" or something similar

  5. Click on the Toggle Toolbar (top left icon next to 'paragraph') to open more editing options.

  6. Select "Edit HTML Source" icon designated by < >

  7. Paste the HTML text provided from Remind Step 4 above.

  8. Select Update > Save Changes

Your Remind texts should now appear within one of your Moodle blocks and will automatically update within the block as new Reminds are sent.