In NISD, Moodle remains the primary Learning Management System and all teachers are required to maintain the minimum standards for Moodle. Teachers interested in utilizing Google Classroom can do so as an additional, supplemental tool to existing Moodle use.

Included below are the basics of Google Classroom + Moodle and tools to get started.


Your Moodle course should be set to enable guest access. This will allow parents and administrators to view your course content without enrolling in the course as a student. Currently, Google Classroom does not offer an option for allowing guest access to classes.


In order to clearly communicate this access restriction with parents, all teachers utilizing Google Classroom are required to:

  1. Include the following message on their Moodle course:

The icon above will take you to Google Classroom. In order to see course materials and additional information housed in Google Classroom, your student will need to log in using his/her NISD Credentials.

2. Add the Google Classroom icon, found here, as a quick link in the Course Header Table found at the top of your Moodle page.

Tip: In order to keep parents informed of course progress within Google Classroom, parent email addresses can be individually added to the 'Student' tab within Classroom. Once added, parents will receive Guardian Summary Reports from their child's class. Visit the link here to learn more.

Defining Digital Learning Environments

Communication of Due Dates

Summative Test dates must be entered onto the calendar in Moodle; this is a requirement of all teachers regardless of use of Google Classroom.

Here are two options for accomplishing this with your GC assignments.

Adding Google Classroom Assignments to Your Moodle Calendar