Activity Completion is a very useful tool for monitoring student progress within a course. At a glance, the teacher is able to see which students have meet the completion requirements for all activities that have Activity Completion enabled.

This data empowers you with common questions such as:

  • Which activities have been skipped?

  • Did a student open the notes before doing the assignment?

  • Was the quiz attempted yet?

  • Did the student get a passing grade on the quiz?

  • Has the assignment been submitted?

To set this up on your course:

  1. Enable Completion Tracking within the Course Settings

2. Designate which activities you want to have tracked for completion

3. Continuing adjusting the settings on all activities to be tracked for completion.

These are easy to identify from the course page as they will now have a dotted checkbox that will automatically mark off once the student meets the completion requirements that you've set. You will have different completion requirements depending on the activity type. For example, the only option you have for a URL is making sure that the student clicks on it; however, for a Moodle Quiz, you can require the activity to be marked completion once the student submits the quiz, gets a passing grade, or has completed all available attempts.

Pair Activity Completion with Restrict Access

Have trouble with kids skipping the content that isn't graded?

Restricting access to subsequent activities based off completion of a previous activity is encouraged to ensure that students complete the course content based on the instructions you've provided, such as requiring formative activities to be complete before attempting the summative.

Activity Completion & Restrict Access.mp4

Video Tutorial (12:15)

This video is very helpful in describing the different settings found with Activity Completion, suggestions for supporting those "click to view" activities, and details the settings for Restrict Access.