Create Calendar Events

Adding Event via Calendar Block

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Fastforward to minute 1:20 on the above video to reference the calendar block.

Calendar Events can be added multiple ways.

  • Via the Calendar Block

  • Via the Upcoming Events Block

  • Via setting & enabling a Due Date on an Assignment submission

To add a calendar event:

Within the calendar block, click the hyperlinked month name to open an expanded month view

  1. Click the New Event button at the top right

  2. Select the type of event:

  • A Course Event, the most commonly-used type and default, will be visible to all enrolled participants in that course.

    • Ex. All students have a test on the same day.

  • A Group Event will be visible to a particular Group in the course.

    • Ex. 7th period has their test a day later than everyone else, so a separate calendar event is made for just them to view.

4. Fill in the event title.

    • Ex. Unit 1.1 Summative Test

5. Fill in the event date and time. Note: The time utilizing a 24 hour military clock, so 4 PM = 16:00

6. Click 'Save Changes'

Additional event types (rare):

  • A User Event will only be visible to the creator so it is a personal and private event. This is rarely used because other tools perform this same function (ex. the calendar feature in Outlook, Gmail, or cell phone calendar or through a desk calendar.)

    • This is the only type of event that students can create within Moodle.

  • A Site Event is a "global" event which is visible in every NISD Moodle course. This can only be created by Moodle Site Administrators, but is not something that is utilized.

Upcoming Events Block

Events are generated directly from the calendar and/or activity deadlines (described in the next section) , providing a link to full details or directly to the activity.

Calendar events appear within Upcoming Events when they are within 3 weeks of the date of the event.

  • If you click on a date, you will go to the day-view calendar for that day.

  • If the title of the event is a link, and you click on it, you will be taken to that event.

Events via Assignment Due Date

An 'Assignment' on Moodle is essentially a turn-in location for student work via:

  • "Online Text" which can include a link from Google (docs, slides, etc) or any other online URL. This is simply a text box so it can also be used for students to submit short answer text responses without creating a separate document to house that response.

  • "File Submission" which is a place for students to upload a file from their desktop or flash drive.

When the Due Date on an assignment is enabled, it will automatically add that "event" to the Upcoming Events Block and Calendar Block.

Adding Google Classroom Assignments to Your Moodle Calendar

Adding Google Classroom Events/Due Dates to Moodle

Summative Test dates must be entered onto the calendar in Moodle; this is a requirement of all teachers regardless of use of Google Classroom.

Here are two options for accomplishing this with your GC assignments.

Syncing Moodle Calendar Events with Google Calendar

The calendar in Moodle can be synced with Google Calendar. This is a great resource for students who are currently utilizing Google Calendar, so that they can keep track of all tasks within one synchronized calendar.