You are able to link to a specific toggle on your page. One possible use for this is to link one of your icons at the top of your page to a toggle of related resources.

To get this toggle-specific link:

  1. Navigate to the main page for your course (meaning you are not viewing a specific activity, the participants list, question bank, etc)

  2. Add #section-___ to the end of the URL. If you are wanting the link to open section 2, you will add #section-2 to the end of the URL as shown in the image below

How do I know the section number for the toggle I'm wanting to link to?

The toggle number matches it's order on the page. The first toggle would be linked to #section-1 and the twelfth toggle would be linked to #section-12.

The toggle I'm wanting to link to is too many toggles down the page to count. How do I have the section numbers show to the left of the toggle as the image above shows?

Most courses are set to have "no additions" next to the toggles to simply the toggle appearance from the main page. You can have the section number show by clicking on Course Management settings wheel > Edit Course Settings > scroll down to the Course Format toggle > adjust Elements to show "section number" > scroll down and click Save and Display.