Since Moodle pages require Guest Access, every resource or activity on the Moodle page will be visible to everyone (enrolled students, parents, administrators, etc.).

For various reasons, resources might need to be restricted unless the student meets the stated criteria.

The following tutorials are commonly used restrictions.

Restrict Access to a certain GROUP

for Differentiated Resources


For courses that serve more than one audience, differentiated resources can be restricted so that the intended audience only sees their resource. Rather than add every group/period that this applies to each time, a Grouping simplifies this process.

Creating a Grouping

for Modified Content


For students whose IEP or accommodation requires modified content, such as Reduced Answers and/or Simplified Wording, a group can be created to restrict access to the modified content so that its' hidden from the general education students. This essentially lets you have two versions of the same assessment or resource, but each version is only visible to the applicable students.

Restricting Access by Group

for Copyrighted Material


For resources that are copyrighted and should not be made available to all web-users since Moodle is open for guest access, resources can be restricted so that only enrolled users can view/access them. Examples or resources to restrict might include Textbook PDF (which does not require sign in for access) and self-purchased lessons such as those from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Restricting Access by Group - Copyrighted material

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