Different Quiz Settings

If a quiz should have the same questions, but needs different settings such as extended time, duplicate the QUIZ. Then, adjust the settings as needed on the copied version.

1. Ensure student groups are set. (LINK GROUPING SITE)

2. Check that your original quiz is set as desired for main student group.

3. Duplicate your original quiz and rename the new version to clearly differentiate between the two versions.

4. Adjust settings in the new or duplicated quiz to differentiate for alternate student group(s).

5. Restrict access to each quiz to allow acces for only appropriate student groups.

Different/Modified Questions

To adjust a question, duplicate the QUESTION in the Question Bank. Then, adjust the copy to be the modified version (ex. reduced answer choices, oral administration, etc.).

1. Navigate to the question bank and locate the desired question(s).

2. Duplicate the desired question(s).

3. Rename or reactegorize your duplicated question(s) appropriately. (LINK CATEGORIES PAGE)

4. Go into each question and alter the question or answer content as needed.

5. Add modified questions to your quiz. (LINK ADD QUESTIONS PAGE)

6. Restrict access to modified quiz to allow acces for only appropriate student groups.

Printing a Quiz

  1. To print a quiz from Moodle, make sure each of the questions are displayed on one page. This can be done on the settings page for a quiz, beneath the Layout heading.

  2. In the New Page menu, select "Never, all questions on one page."

  3. Next, check the "Repaginate now" checkbox. Saving that change will move all of your questions onto one page.

Additional Differentiation Resources

Embed a voice recording

Use your preferred audio recording tool to create mp3 recordings of your assessment questions and easily add those audio files to any question or assignment that allows for the addition of Moodle media files.


Check out the NISD Chromebook Profile to explore options for integrating outside text-to-speech resources while using Moodle.

Recording Audio for Moodle Quizzes.webm

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