Utilize Google Read & Write

Function: Read Text Aloud

NISD Special Education recommended tool for meeting a student's oral accommodation.

What is R&W and how does it work?

Read&Write Functionality.webm

The video above addresses how to access Read & Write, use the tool's basic functions, and edit settings (voice gender, speed, continuous reading etc.)

Click the buttons below to view how R&W functions on various teaching resources used alongside your Moodle page.

Chromebook Profile

Chromebook Profile

The Chromebook Profile identifies all app and extensions students have on their device as well as what has been approved for download; there is also a tab titled "Apps by Accommodation" that lists Chromebook Apps and Extensions that meet students various needs.

Other tools may meet the unique needs of our learners. If this tool does not meet your students' needs, you may view the list of approved apps, visit with your special education staff, or request another specific app through Help Desk.