Before students can enroll...

**Ensure the course has been set up for Student Self-Enrollment.

This includes enabling the ability within course Enrollment Methods, setting up groups, and group enrollment keys.

How do I guide my students to self-enroll?

Review the instructions below, or view this screencast which outlines the same steps.

Students will...

1. Go to the Moodle Home page & Sign In

Accessible via or through the Portal

2. Find the teacher's course

From the Moodle home page, students can either access your course by using the Course Category buttons or by typing your last name into the Search Courses bar at the bottom left.

3. Click to open the correct course

For teachers with multiple preps, all courses will appear within the search. Students will open the course they are taking.

4. Open Course Dashboard

This is located at the top left of the course.

5. Click either settings wheel, then "Enroll me in this course"

The option for "Enroll me in this course" shows up in both locations.

6. Enter the provided self-enrollment key

The teacher must have this set up before students self-enroll. Instructions here if needed.

Teacher last name + class period; all lowercase & no spaces.

Success! The student is now enrolled in this course.

Students can easily return to their enrolled courses by clicking on "My Courses" at the top left of Moodle. Students must be logged into Moodle in order for the 'My Courses" dropdown to appear.

"How do I know which students got enrolled?" Or, "Are any students not yet enrolled?" Teacher Info for Supporting Next Steps


Course Management,

then select Groups.

View the number of enrolled students in parenthesis and compare that with your TAC number of students per period.

View specific student names for each group in the right column.

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