Switch Student Class Period

Do you have a student that got a schedule change and needs to move class period groups?

DON'T: Have the student uneroll and then re-enroll using their new class period password/enrollment code.

Why? Unenrolling from a course removes all previous student data in that course, including activity completion, quiz scores, assignment uploads, etc.

DO: Manually switch their class period group in Moodle.

Why? When you sort by class period, they will show up in their new class period group. This will retain all of their existing submissions and data within your course.

See instructions below.

Unenroll a Student

If you are needing to unenroll ALL students, this is done at the end of a semester or school year (depending on your course length) through a Course Reset.

If you have an individual student who moved or switched teachers/classes, you are able to manually unenroll any participant in your course.

See instructions below.

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