Having 6th-12th grade students enroll themselves into courses is the standard enrollment method that is recommended for teachers. Through a simple enrollment code, students gain access to your course as well as are automatically organized into groups based on their class period.

Teacher Set Up

See instructions below for preparing your course for student self-enrollment. Video screencast available here.

Before you begin...

**Ensure your course has been reset.

This will remove old students and their course data.

If this is a brand new course that has never been used, then skip this step.

Step 1: Verify "Self-Enrollment" is enabled on your course

You should have 3 enrollment methods exactly as shown above. If you have additional methods or anything named differently, delete them by clicking on the trash can to the right of the method you need to delete. If you don't have an option called "Self-Enrollment (Student)," you can add this by clicking on the bottom left dropdown for "Add Method"

Step 2: Set Up Random Course Enrollment Code

Step 3: Set Up Groups & Group Enrollment Keys

NISD Standardized formula for Group Enrollment Keys

teacher last name + period number

Smith's 3rd period = smith3

Smith's 4th period = smith4

Ramirez's 7th period = ramirez7

Moodle requires enrollment keys to be a minimum of 5 characters long. If you have a short last name, add 0 or 00 in front of the group period number.

Key's 2nd period = key02

Rey's 4th period = rey04

Nu's 8th period = nu008

Add All Remaining Class Period Groups

Continue repeating Steps 9-12 until you've created a group (and group enrollment key) for every class period you teach that course.

Have a Shared Course With 2 or More Teachers?

Add the teacher's last name to the front of the GROUP Name, as shown. Set up the enrollment key using the regular, standardized formula.

The course is now ready for students to self-enroll!

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